​​​​​​​​​​​​Eating Well Matters

I have yet to meet someone like Aurora who has been blessed with such an incredible gift to empower and motivate people to reach their true health potential and freedom. I have known her for years and she has always been that someone to have a positive thing to say that empowers people around her to realize their best self. She is also a great food coach and cook, and can make ordinary food turn into something extraordinarily tasty using all-healthy ingredients!!!

- Dawn P.

​​​I’ve been suffering from hypothyroidism for 6 years and was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  I had a lot of concerns – dealing with low energy, severe bloating, and most of all my rapid weight gain.  I used to weigh 108 pounds and gained 42 pounds in a span of 4 years.  I have tried everything in the past. Nothing worked!  After so many failed attempts at dieting, I made my first appointment with a nutritionist but wasn’t so happy with the session either and decided to stop seeing her.
Late last year  (2016),  I was referred to Aurora who is a certified health coach.   After my first one-on-one-session with her, I was impressed with the wealth of information she shared with me and became so interested that I always looked forward to our next session.  Her approach is to inspire and educate me on the benefits of having whole foods, plant-based diet, among other things.  I was shocked when I learned the kind of chemicals, additives were in the processed food. I learned about the health value of eating grass-fed meats. The good thing about this is I don’t feel deprived, I can eat what I want, but mostly just whole foods.  I have learned so much from her. She doesn’t only answer my questions but educate me further so that I can understand what’s helpful and harmful to my current health condition.  She identified the possible causes of my bloating and offered practical tips to incorporate real food to address it.  She focuses on gradual, lifelong changes that will enable me to reach my future health goals. 
Since I started seeing Aurora, my health has improved greatly. In 2 ½ months, my uncomfortable bloating is completely gone, and I have more energy throughout the day, and to top it all, I've lost 14  pounds so far without even trying.
Once I saw the amazing results of eating clean, it kept me motivated to continue down this path. 
I initially chose the 3-month program but plan to further continue my sessions with her. Having the peace of mind knowing that Aurora is around as my health coach is so invaluable. I’m now on my late 50s, and I would like to be around long enough to see and enjoy my grandchildren.
Aurora, you’re such a blessing to me. We’re not done yet, but I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU!

- Maria B.​​

I suffered from neck and back pain for 7 years and had my two consecutive neck surgeries in 2014 and 2015. My doctor recommended that I go for these surgeries and so I did, with hope to have some relief from my constant pain but those surgeries did not offer any help. My doctor then recommended for a third surgery which I immediately refused to have. I felt miserable having to deal with the pain daily. I then sought Aurora's one-on-one health coaching services and it was then that my eyes were opened to new ways of thinking when it comes to dietary and lifestyle changes and better means for self-care that proved to have brought positive results to my own health and pain management. I remember calling Aurora on the phone after our third session with much excitement and eagerness about me waking up one morning with my pain almost totally gone! I told her that it felt like winning a million-dollar!! Just to be able to feel a big relief from the neck pain and headache which I used to have from the moment I wake up in the morning, is no short of a blessing to me. I have come to accept that pain will always be part of my daily struggle until my health coaching session with Aurora started. It was then that my health took a different turn for the better.
I have since been motivated to better care for myself and my family’s health on a daily basis. I have lost 8 pounds after more than a month of coaching by Aurora and still losing. Weight loss became a positive side effect of the dietary changes I made based on her empowerment and education, although I initially came to see her for my pain. My primary doctor dropped my husband's and my blood pressure medications after seeing that both our blood pressure have normalized.  Also, as a result of a healthier lifestyle, my husband lost 10 pounds in the process! And I can’t help but mention that his snoring dramatically subsided! What an additional bonus!
For the shared knowledge, compassionate and inspiring coaching style, non-judgmental approach, cooking tips and recipes, and for just being always there when I needed her recommendations, I thank her so much!

P.S.   My most recent blood test result came out and I am so happy that my hgbA1c (blood sugar) has dropped from 5.9 to 5.7 !! My cholesterol also dropped from 265 to 222. My vitamin D level which has always been at 25 for so many years increased to  47.2.  After having applied her valuable recommendations and the wisdom she imparted, I cannot be any more happier with the way I feel and the positive changes on my whole family’s wellbeing. I would definitely recommend Aurora to my friends and family.
- Milagros S.

 Aurora is an exceptional health and food coach. I have never met anyone more empowering and  encouraging to families, friends and clients. Her compassion and genuine desire to help people look and feel better draws people to her. She is a keeper and simply the best!
- Zaza S.


What People Say . . . . .

 I am truly grateful for having Aurora as my wife’s health coach.  I’ve known Aurora for her passion and expertise on the importance of healthy eating.  Her dedication to what she does has inspired my wife to have a strong determination to make major changes in her diet.  I saw a great change in my wife’s wellbeing after only a few months of working with Aurora.  She didn’t only lose weight but her chronic stomach problem i.e. bloating has completely gone.   
I would highly recommend Aurora Javier with confidence to anyone who is looking for a caring and effective coach who will deliver true results.
- Luis B.


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